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Compare Breakdown Cover

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Compare Breakdown Cover

Post  A7ESK on Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:15 pm

Full breakdown cover any body got any good deal lately.

Eddie King. Rolling Eyes
Best one so far is from

Provider: Europ Assistance
Home assistance service

Any insured person covered
European Cover Extra
Roadside repairs
Recovery to nearest garage
Recovery to home or intended destination
Car hire/public transport costs
Accomodation costs
Premium 59.00
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Midlands Area Meet Coordinator

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Re: Compare Breakdown Cover

Post  Atthelimit on Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:27 pm

It's never that simple is it!?

It all depends on what you want or need.

Uk Cover, Uk and Europe, Breakdown, Recovery, Home Start, Any Vehicle or Any Driver, Vehicle age, onward travel, hotel accomodation etc, the list goes on and thats before you start to think about price.

As you are on this site its safe to assume that most people will have more than one car, a Lotus + another. If its a company car you might have cover anyway but if you have more than one then you should find a policy that covers the person rather than the car. That means if you are in any of the veicles you will be covered even if you are a passenger in someone elses car.

If you take this policy you need to addother drivers, spouse say

You pay more if you want European cover, so will you be taking the car abroad or not? That makes the choice easier.

If your Lotus is the Classic older Lotus then you need to make sure that the policy has no age restrictions, some limit cover to cars 10yrs old or less, some 15 and so on.

Those are the opitions, what about price.

It all depends on the level of cover, but if my car breaks down or won't start on a frosty morning I just want someone to come and sort it. So I always opt for a "comprehensive" policy. After all, if you breakdown its a problem, you don't plan it and you just need help then, you don't want to be arguing about what is and what might not be covered.

I pay 35.00 a year for an all singing and dancing policy that covers all the vehicles, no age limits etc for two drivers. Great price but it won't suit everyone. The snag is that at the time of the breakdown you have to pay the costs and claim them back.

Of the more conventional plans where there is nothing to pay we offer a UK and Europe policy for 59.00 but that is for one car, any driver but that seems to compare well when you go on one of the comparison sites like confused.com

Hope this helps

Abbot Insurance Brokers, (see the insurance page for more details.)
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East Midlands Area Meet Coordinator

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Post  Trigger on Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:58 pm

I used to be with Brittanica breakdown but this year I went with the AA as they do cover based on the driver, not the car. Think I'm paying for most of the package, ie home start, recovery to desired location, accommodation etc. I also paid around 35 for my european cover for the week when we travelled to Germany. When I needed the AA 6 months ago, they were very quick, constant updates by text and arranged with a low rider truck to take me and the car to the garage in my hometown. Can't fault them yet ... Very Happy

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Re: Compare Breakdown Cover

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