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Consumer Credit Act change may help YOU!

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Consumer Credit Act change may help YOU!

Post  Atthelimit on Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:41 pm

This post is made by Kim Eaton of Abbot Insurance who offer a range of insurance and financial products. Some of you will recall the problems encountered with endowment mortgages and the claims that were made against insurers for miss-selling products. This change in the consumer credit act was to made to stamp out bad practices in loan and credit arragements. The act is retrospective and will therefore help people with old debt that has built up and may well now be deemed to be flawed and unenforcable as a result. If anyone has debt on credit cards it may be worth checking to find out if these credit card debts or car loans etc fall into this category, you never know you may be in line to get your balances written off. I have posted this message as this is a fact which lenders, banks etc are trying to cover up and avoid, they are even enticing customers into upgrading their current loans and credit cards by offering incentives to change to new aggreements in order to avoid having to pay compensation for flawed contracts. Given that the banks are pretty much soley responsible for the financial mess that the country is in I do not think it is fair that they should now sweep their shortcomings under the carpet in this way. If the club or administrators feel this is inappropriate then please feel free to remove it. See below for further details.

Is your credit card at its limit?

Is that loan agreement enforceable on your Lotus enforceable?

We could help you reduce your loan and credit card agreements or even get them wiped off!

Your loan or credit agreement, if eligible could be unenforceable because of new legislation.

If so, we could help you write off your debt and reclaim your balance.

In April 2007, modifications to the consumer credit act (1974) came into force. The amendments were designed to protect the consumer, and included new provisions relating to unfair relationships between borrowers and lenders. As a result of these modifications, you may now have grounds to pursue compensation from lenders with whom you have historical arrangements, on the basis that the relationship was unfair at the time the credit agreement was taken out.

Our professional advisers are regulated by the Ministry of Justice, and work on your behalf to identify flaws in the credit arrangements and pursue the lenders for compensation. We can give you impartial advice on the eligibility of your credit arrangements with no obligation to proceed further.

What agreements could be eligible

Credit cards

Store cards
Car hire purchase agreements
Unsecured loans
Student loans

We could help you

Reduce or clear your balances
Claim back repayments
Repair your credit history

Your credit or loan agreement may qualify if:

The outstanding balance is more than 2500

Your agreement was taken out before April 2007

Can you afford NOT to contact us for your credit agreements review ?

Contact us today:
E-mail: richard.hamson@ycmadvisor.co.uk
Phone: Richard Hamson on 07734 867597
Web: www.yourcreditmatters.co.uk/richardhamson
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East Midlands Area Meet Coordinator

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