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S1 111S MIL light

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S1 111S MIL light

Post  softlips on Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:22 pm

The MIl light is coming on on my S1 111S on the overun. It is off the rest of the time, OK through all the revs. But if I lift off at speed, or gear down for a corner the MIL light flashes or even stays on.

It's also ticking over a little rough and lumpy - seems to be hunting around the revs a bit. Cleaned the ICAV and reset the throttle sensor but no help.

Any ideas?

Lotus Drivers Club Member
Lotus Drivers Club Member

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Re: S1 111S MIL light

Post  A7ESK on Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:54 pm

This should help.

My S2 does a similar thing - I'm convinced that it's a common problem. The fault code clears itself after a few warm-ups but then the MIL comes on again. Usually happens after a long run, when coming off the M-way and changing to stop/start driving. I bought (www.obd-2.com - much cheaper than main dealer diagnostics or a Lotus ScanTool!) to read what the code is and reset the MIL. I always seem to get P0137 (post cat O2 sensor low voltage) - it would be interesting to see what code everone else is getting.

Eddie King. bounce
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Midlands Area Meet Coordinator

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